PC Management

Individual pc’s all performing differently for a variety of reasons. We can check to make sure that specs are adequate for the purpose and at the same time improve file management, report on invalid, unlicensed, unauthorised software use etc.

With your permission we can remove redundant programs and improve memory management on the machine.

All of the above will improve performance and productivity. This is a process which should be carried out every few months to prevent problems building up. This service can form part of our DMS package or we can carry it out as an on-demand service.


Keeping up to date with all the latest hardware releases from hundreds of suppliers is a full-time job – Our job!

We regularly come across new clients who are experiencing disappointing performance from their IT systems and they can’t understand what the problem is; they overlook the fact that hardware such as printers/pcs/modems etc all have a finite natural life and that if the company’s business activity has grown and the workload on the IT hardware has increased, then bottlenecks, reduced performance and breakdowns will occur.

Equipment DOES need periodic replacement. A file server designed for 12 workstations when a business is young and has 10 users will cope fine but it will perform very poorly if it is asked to look after 25 users.

A thorough survey of your component parts will ensure that you can prevent system overload and eliminate any weak spots. Our supplier and product knowledge means we can source any equipment you need at prices you won’t be able to match.

If you would like to discuss any hardware issues, please contact us.


The software market is if anything, even more complex than hardware. Ensuring you are using best in class software (office applications, database, email and communications etc) in its latest version is extremely difficult. Some products are excellent, some are adequate and some downright poor. How do you know which to choose? It’s extremely difficult for you if you are busy trying to run your own business but easier for us, because being on top of all the latest releases is part of our business.

We will review your current software products with you, advise you if they are the latest versions, suggest improvements which could be made and check that you are correctly licensed. Thereafter, we will ensure that you are kept aware of any significant new developments as they occur.

If you would like to discuss any software related issues please  contact us



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