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Personal Home Office or Home-based Staff? Let Daubeneys IT help you give them the support they need

Nowadays a very large proportion of the skilled workforce spends much of its time working from home. This is usually an arrangement which suits the employer (not as much office space required etc) and the employee (more flexible etc). It also contributes towards the Government’s green targets as it reduces the carbon emissions normally associated with commuting.

The key to successful homeworking is reliable communications with colleagues, systems and the outside world in general. I can offer individuals or their employers a complete IT and telephony service to ensure that they remain fully functional when working remotely. I will assess all local communications needs and ensure that set-up is carried out correctly as well as liaise with the Company IT department to ensure that links and security are properly configured with central servers. I will also provide ad hoc support for outbased staff should subsequent problems arise (either via remote intervention or by visit).

At a time when outbasing is growing rapidly, I can substantially reduce the pressure on corporate IT managers by looking after the needs of their home based staff.

If you’re in Bath, Bristol, Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire – call me on 01225 745732 or you can access me from anywhere in the UK on 07711 513722 and let’s change your working from home challenges into a solution.

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