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The customer is a small engineering business in rural Wiltshire which was experiencing extreme problems with broadband internet connection.


The business was located in former RAF buildings some distance from the exchange. The broadband connection was dropping daily, leaving them to use dial-up connection. The slowdown in speed was adversely affecting product development. The company had tried various fixes, all to no avail.

Possible Solution

We considered using some of their ISDN bandwidth by using a router which switched automatically, but the ISDN was already near capacity. It would work, but at a speed only marginally quicker than dial-up.

Actual Solution

During our investigations we found that there was a long term employee who lived about a mile away in line of sight of the business premises. He already had very reliable broadband at home. We discussed the problem with him and the company and the employee was delighted to assist, with the company agreeing to pay his broadband connection for him. By using two external wireless client/access points to provide the line across the fields, we overcame the problem.

Whilst luck was involved in this innovative solution, it was only discovered because of our attention to detail and refusal to concede defeat. The alternative would have involved a business move and great expense.

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