Virus Prevention, Protection and Security

Virus Prevention, Protection and Security – why do we need it?
In two words – IT Vandalism!

Virus and trojan horse creators are the vandals of the IT world, and whereas I cannot make viruses go away, I can provide the very best virus prevention and protection through installing a fully functioning firewall, the best anti-virus software and a robust set of security controls for your staff and their internet browsing habits.

IT Security – firewalls, antivirus, anti-spam: Controlling the spam coming in to your email servers to limit potential infection is also a must – filter downloads avoid more infections and I can advise on which policies to employ to take the risk out of being an online business or a business online.

Hacking, phishing, worms, spyware and malware: It sounds like something out of a Bond movie but it’s not glamourous at all! I can militate against the hacking of your secure data, limit phishing and protect the integrity of your staff – and clients – email accounts and other data. I will, although this is not strictly an IT task, update your company’s adherence to the data protection act and reduce potential downstream liabilities owing to any overlooked practices for which you may be responsible.

Remote Access – For your eyes only: I can provide you with advice and products which will ensure the integrity of your IT infrastructure. You will be able to have secure remote access to your systems but at the same time place the most efficient electronic barriers between your data and those who are seeking to corrupt, damage or steal it.


Contact me on 01225 745732 or 07711 513722 for the very best advice on firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam packages and general IT security issues and I will be delighted to help. Security is an ongoing issue. I keep track of all the latest threats and improvements in security software. This is my job, so I hope you will let me help you stay one step ahead of the invisible threats.

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