Cloud Computing – the silver lining for business

The future of shared applications lies in Cloud Computing which provides the place to share information with each other. Mastering cloud computing for your organisation can bring enormous benefits which are of real value to productivity. Control of your cloud computing environment gives you access to anything, anywhere, at any time of the day. For a manager and a workforce this can be hugely valuable and empowering. The comparison of the cost of cloud computing with local resource and software licensing is hugely in favour of going the cloud route. Everyone says so. Let me help you get ahead.

Let’s share – it’s what cloud computing is for!

Cloud computing provides shared data, shared backup and archiving, shared applications use and a myriad of other benefits. Forget old models of VPNs or centralised and scheduled backups. The future is in the cloud, and it is here right now.

Document Sharing 365: The changing face of document sharing is in GoogleDocs, in Microsoft’s new 365 products and in delivering their benefits to your personnel in a seamless and well managed way. Say Hello to tomorrow.

Cloud Computing- what are the advantages?

Cloud Storage and Access: The idea is to store all data on the web and provide controlled access according to the need for access and rights to change things. These privileges can be applied to both internal and external users. The cloud provider takes care of data storage (including backups etc.) and most of the security including antivirus and antispam (such utilities would still be needed on client machines of course). Document collections can be organised into different sites according to topic area and access controlled accordingly.

Cloud Security: 

With cloud computing data will be backed up and accessible wherever there is an internet connection. In addition a high quality security layer will be imposed so that even if individual users get an infection it will not compromise the main body of information. The centralised control makes it easier to ensure each user has appropriate access levels and the distributed nature of access sits well with Bio-Sep’s geographically spread organisation.

Workflow and versioning: 

Because each user will have to check out and check back in files for editing I can keep a tight rein on the versions of released documentation as well as an audit trail of changes. It becomes a simple matter to revert a document back to a previous version or compare versions. A particular order of events can be established and enforced to ensure that the correct procedures are followed.

Diary and Events: 

Users in the cloud will be able to share diaries making meetings (physical or virtual) much much easier.

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