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As a Business IT Support consultancy, Daubeneys provides IT support for a variety of SME clients from accountants and translation agencies to hotels, B&Bs and life coaches all over the UK and most particularly in the South West. My dedicated Business IT support services cover all the essential areas of interest for today’s fast moving business environment and more including:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Virus Protection and Security
  • Server set up and maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing – Policy and Protection
  • Disaster Recovery – Data back up and Security
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Office phone systems
  • Smart phone/PC/laptop integration

Social Media Marketing – Policy and Protection

LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest and Youtube – businesses are working very hard with Social Media Marketing these days to raise awareness in the internet world and get their companies to appear first in search engines organic searches but are you doing enough to protect your company and your data?
Social Media Policy: Ensure your company has a social media policy in place with your staff to protect your business performance and your business reputation and I will protect you on the IT front. That sounds like a strong partnership.

Business IT Support – Maintenance Checks & Planning

From PC failure through to loss of connectivity to full system installations and everything inbetween – I cover the full spectrum of business IT support issues. IT systems – just like people – perform better if they are regularly looked after and maintained. Many of my IT consultancy clients benefit from regular scheduled maintenance which I carry out at times to suit them. Via my Daubeneys Business IT support service I monitor server and network performance and analyse PC/laptop/MAC performance to prevent problems BEFORE they occur. The frequency of maintenance is up to you, as is the scope of the plan itself. If you only want me to oversee the servers and network, that’s fine, but if you want comprehensive Business IT consultancy – I can do that too.
Wherever you are in the world – I can take care of you: Experience shows that clients who implement my Business IT Consultancy package spend much less on emergencies and unscheduled down-time than those who don’t and the cost of regular maintenance is tiny compared with a breakdown and loss of productivity. In some circumstances, I can even carry out repairs and maintenance for you remotely, so you don’t even know I’m there!

If you would like to give your IT a review and improve its performance, call me on 01225 745732 or you can access me from anywhere in the world on 07711 513722 to discuss the Business IT Consultancy package that would suit you.

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