Protecting yourself, your data and your equipment

Defensive Software, Data Encryption and Physical security

Most people think they have a fair idea of what is required to stay protected in the digital world; sadly, far too few of us carry out regular due diligence to ensure that the protective barriers are as effective as they ought to be.

There are three distinctly different things we can all do to protect our data and property and these fall largely in the following categories:

  • Defensive Software
  • Data Encryption
  • Physical security measures (especially for laptops and other portable devices)

Defensive Software

Effective defence against unwanted intrusion, corruption and theft involves far more than just buying a new pc or laptop already loaded up with proprietary protective software and then relying on that to look after your online security. Users must also ensure that they manage that software to ensure all latest releases and updates are downloaded and working. Read more

Data Encryption

Self defence does not stop either with the use of firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware and malware and similar software, it should also include encryption of your programs and files. Extremely reliable encryption software is available letting you lock all your files and data away in the equivalent of a locked bank vault. Unless a cyber thief can crack the detailed code protecting your information, everything on your hard disc will be inaccessible to him. This type of protection used to be available only to IT sophisticates. Now we can all use it.

Laptop and Mobile Device Security

How many of us use a laptop or perhaps an even smaller portable device? Where do we use them? Are they more vulnerable than desktop machines? You bet they are! Very recently, Chris a good friend of ours, fell foul of the scourge of business people today…laptop theft. His is a salutary tale and it could easily happen to you, but there a few simple steps you can take now to prevent a whole host of problems in the future.

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