Many people on LinkedIn will be using their own branded domain names but every so often I come across someone who has had their old freeserve, fsnet etc. email address for so long that it’s been hard for them to give it up. Well, now needs must; at the end of the month Freeserve and its derivatives will be no more.

If you haven’t done it already, a new email address is needed urgently. If you already have a business domain but have stuck with your Freeserve or any other internet provider’s email address, now is the time to sort it out. Actually the time was ages ago but we are here now.

If you have your own domain, get a mailbox on it and use that and stick to obvious addresses such as or – that way people can guess your address and you’re less likely to miss an important email. If you’re in business and don’t have a business domain, get one.

If you don’t have your own domain and just want a personal email there are several free ones on offer: GMX, Gmail and as examples. Many choose Gmail; it works fine allows you to synchronise add-ons and bookmarks within Chrome but I have always found it a bit cumbersome and prefer’s better integration with Outlook the program. It’s even better now it’s a thinly disguised Exchange on-line. Because it doesn’t use IMAP, handles calendar and contact integration better too. Useful extras include the ability to collect email from other mailboxes and forward to yet more.

Once you have created the new mailbox you can transfer your existing emails to it by exporting and importing from Outlook (the program). Why oh why did Microsoft use the word “Outlook” in so many not-the-same ways?

In Freeserve set out of office to tell correspondents to use the new email address. In your new mailbox remind them to use the new email address too. Don’t underestimate the amount of time it will take people to update their records and habits.

If this seems overcomplicated or you don’t have the time, I would be happy to help you just get in touch for a fast friendly service.

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