Are you compliant with EU legislation concerning the disposal of old IT equipment and hazardous goods?

Did you know that there is now strict IT law governing how you should dispose of your old computer equipment? In fact since 2008, you can no longer just dispose of your old computers at the local recycling centre. You also have a duty (and it makes very good commercial sense) to ensure that all data you have created is destroyed before you dispose of the equipment otherwise you run the risk of theft of commercial data and identity theft.

Green – or environmental hazard?

When your old IT equipment needs replacing what do you do with it? Your computer may only be a few years old but it is still an environmental liability. If you can sell it, well done, but more often than not it gets left in the corner before it goes to scrap. Hanging on to it is not the answer either. Casual storage of old IT equipment – computers, laptops, monitors and related equipment can create potential hazards. Apart from anything they take up valuable space, what a hassle when you come to move office or home. And we’ve see all the recent media on how decluttering is good for the soul!

Data Protection Act and EU Legislation

On another note  – have you thought about the confidential business and personal information stored on the hard discs of your redundant computers – are you convinced it’s deleted? If the information includes data on individuals, where do you stand with regard to the Data Protection Act? You have a duty under the law to make sure that data on personnel does not get into the hands of unauthorised third parties.

So just how green is your office?

The EU has decided that electrical and electronic waste poses such a potential environmental danger that they have issued directives aimed at reducing the amount of toxic materials used in manufacture and controlling the way in which the waste is eventually disposed of. It’s called W.E.E.E. and it’s not the one that has you running around looking bonkers in front of the TV or the noise you make on Alton Tower’s Oblivion!

Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment (W.E.E.E.):

The waste stream of electrical and electronic equipment has been identified as one of the fastest growing waste streams in the European Union constituting 4% of the municipal waste today and increasing by 16-28% every five years. It is one of the largest sources of heavy metals and organic pollutants in municipal waste. The European Commission has adopted two policies for the recovery of waste equipment and the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

The Directives are designed to tackle the fast increasing waste stream of electrical and electronic equipment and complements European Union measures on landfill and incineration of waste.

EU legislation and old IT equipment – just how green is your office? Let me help…

Using our Daubeneys IT contacts I can provide you with a means to dispose of your old computer hardware in a positive way. So long as the equipment is not completely obsolete, there are plenty of needy organisations who will be glad of it. Give me a call and we can discuss the best way to dispose responsibly of all your old IT equipment. The future’s bright and a little bit greener! Call me when you get a free moment: Telephone: 01225 745732 Mobile: 07711 513722

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