About three years ago I took a sabbatical to work on an equine database. Defra’s new Central Equine Database should go live this June. It’s been fascinating: an opportunity to see yet another side of the IT world and to catch up on some of the latest technology.

The IT and internet world has moved on in the past few years with lots of small but cumulative changes to improve the reliability of domestic systems; faster, longer range Wi-Fi; better integration between mobile and desktop devices; simpler printer setup and so on. It has all served to oblige all of us to keep in touch wherever we are – a two-edged sword for sure.

I now return fresh with new knowledge of cloud-based computing, databases as well as the usual email, security, broadband, backup, etc.. It’s time to do some work back in the real world.

Daubeneys is here to help you with:

  • Broadband
  • Wi-Fi
  • Email
  • Mobile devices
  • Printing and scanning
  • Backup and archiving

For larger organisations, we offer:

  • Cloud computing including Amazon Web Services and Azure
  • Scalability and fault tolerance
  • Scripting and automation
  • Security against penetration, malware and phishing
  • Remote access and mobile working
  • Active Directory onsite and hybrid


If you want to discuss any computer or internet problems, feel free to email me or call for a chat.

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