Norsk Data

Norsk Data is a computer service provider in Berkshire with 100 employees moving offices to a large country house environment. The client wanted minimal disruption from the move and an ideal IT set-up upon arrival at the new premises.

Implemented solution

We planned diligently in advance of the move and managed subcontractors very closely to ensure that networks and cabling were installed efficiently. The installation was further complicated because each workstation had to have two separate connections linking it to combined communications and server rooms.


The business move occurred on schedule and with little or no downtime. We were highly praised by all staff and one of the company’s directors was particularly surprised saying that it was the first time he had ever been involved in an office move where his pc had worked properly the very first time he switched it on at his new desk! The Company calculated that the overall cost of engaging Daubeneys was repaid many times over because they lost so little productive time during the move!

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