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Britannia is a supplier of premium Range Cooker product based in North West England needing to develop and introduce new accounting software and call handling system.

Historical Situation

The Company had 25 computer users and had lost confidence in their previously retained IT software support. There was some limited IT knowledge within the workforce. They were running a UNIX based stock management and accounts system and were on the brink of purchasing another well-known accounts package when they called Daubeneys in.

Perceived Problems

We consulted staff in the accounts, marketing, service and operations departments to understand working practices and requirements; it was already clear to the people working at Britannia that the old Unix-based system needed to be replaced but there were two major questions:

  • What do we replace it with?
  • How do we handle service calls

Unless the service operation could be integrated with the new accounts system a lot of re-keying and related errors would be inevitable.

The first question is one faced by many businesses and it is no small job to replace an accounts system because it there are extensive one-off costs; the future problem of historical records being available only in another system meaning that it might have to run for years after it is no longer in active use; the issues of the expense of the software and staff training.

The new system had to deliver business benefits to make it worthwhile.

At the time the service operation was fairly small but growing. In the short term the accounts system could be chosen freely as long as there was the capability of incorporating service operations at a later date.

The Solution

We recommended the Company should purchase Exchequer Enterprise Accounts. Staff were very impressed with the way that the package coped with the questions they asked of it in particular the live data and drill down features enabled them to analyse sales and profitability easily.

Exchequer, like most accounting system, doesn’t have service operations built-in but does have an active add-on market and Eagle Field Service was eventually chosen to integrate with Exchequer.

The new systems were introduced smoothly under Daubeneys’ management and the Company remains delighted with the choice made.

Additional Benefits

We recommended that a new server be purchased for running the accounts package and that this additional server also be used for tape data back-ups. Additionally, we made sure that all PC users had access to relevant software updates and that more effective anti-spyware and general security systems were introduced.


The Client avoided duplication of effort, purchased the most appropriate software available for the task and strengthened their data and system security at the same time. Productivity was not compromised.

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