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Andiamo! is a translation agency based in Yorkshire and they needed general IT support on a monthly contract for maximum flexibility. Although originally based in Cirencester for many years it is now based near Leeds and requires the same speedy response times it had previously.


When we started working for Andiamo! over six years ago, there were 15 workstations of which 4 were Macs. These were spread around 3 locations with shared facilities in the main Gloucestershire office.

An immediate concern was tape back-up. The client did not have any proven way to read its back-up tapes if the office tape machine failed. The client was also concerned about difficulty with remote server access.

The Solution

We recommended automated secure off-site back-up for all the company’s files. In doing so there were four advantages:

  1. Greatly reduced risk of illegible backups
  2. Individual files can be recovered easily
  3. Files can be downloaded to any connected machine
  4. The reduction of human intervention and thus error

We also provided a cost-effective secure remote access package which has been used ever since. In addition, we improved the client’s server disc space by utilising Network Attached Storage, a cost effective solution which did not require a second server to run.

The Present

The company continues to retain Daubeneys on a monthly contract. Over the years the use of IT has become more intense and we have expanded the server base to take account of this: we now have four servers in Leeds: Email, Shared Documents, Databases and an older one kept for running the backups.


  • Email is a vital part of their business and the solution uses Exchange Server 2003 via McAfee SaaS virus and antispam filtering.
  • Suppliers can now access the Database server to directly submit their work and internal users can check and repackage it for their clients.
  • Andiamo! also offers an extensive typesetting service which means their clients frequently send large packages of design files for print. DTP has grown in capability and companies have expanded their markets, so the need for document storage has grown exponentially over the years.
  • The size of the data is now so great that we cannot reliably backup everything offsite each night so we have repurposed an older server with new much bigger discs to keep a backup of everything from the other three. We also use an external hard drive to be sure the larger files are taken offsite.


  • The Leeds office is actually nearer to Wetherby and doesn’t have the fastest broadband service in the world.
  • External users, from the owner, still based in the south to remote workers create a great deal of traffic.
  • We added a further broadband connection and used a load-balancing router to even out the traffic flow.

Supporting Andiamo!

We only need to visit the premises a maximum of twice a year to install new equipment or to carry out complicated operations that require a physical presence. The rest of the time we use remote access to any and all of the equipment.

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