Data loss, backup and recovery

Data loss – it can be a business disaster!

Up to 60% of small businesses who experience significant data loss go bust within the following two years. They simply never recover from such a body blow. It’s true – but fortunately avoidable.  Take a look at some of these other data loss, backup and recovery facts and figures.

Data backup – it’s not an option

Commonly SME’s have data backup regimes in place to manage data loss but lack the discipline to ensure that they are regularly carried out. Even if tape back-ups of data are carried out, there are plenty of instances where the backup tape will not read from a remote machine. At Daubeneys IT I can advise you on the best in-house data backup systems, daily tape, mirrored systems etc, but I strongly advise secure automatic offsite data backup. Your business may have considered this before and ruled it out on the grounds of cost. Happily, an IT data backup solution is now available which is fully automated and encrypted to the same level as financial institutions, and is 100% affordable.

For as little as £50 a year I will set up remote data storage and recovery for you. So please don’t wait for a Business Data Backup Disaster – call me on 01225 745732 or you can access me remotely on 07711 513722 and I will be delighted to ensure this IT nightmare never visits your workplace.

Data recovery – for when the chips are down!

When an IT disaster strikes your business and you suffer from data loss, you have to know you’ve got backups of all your data. You also have to be sure you can get replacement IT equipment quickly. And you have to be sure that your Business IT support understands how crucial data backup and recovery is to your business. At Daubeneys I make sure you’re covered and recovered and work with partners who also know how important speed can to  get you back online. When the data chips are down – I’ll be there for you when it counts.

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